A multi-tenant SaaS application which serves as a content management system for independent creators. This was a new startup that I was co-owner of, and sole engineer. It’s the latest application that I’ve built using Ruby on Rails. Users can sign up for their own site to create and sell courses, downloads, recurring memberships, and landing pages. Mavenseed also supports US Sales Tax, V.A.T, and also has a page builder which uses nothing more than Rails and a sprinkle of jQuery.

CG Cookie

A membership-based LMS for teaching Blender. It started on WordPress, then I rebuilt from scratch using Ruby on Rails. Users can sign up for a membership, take courses, track lessons watched, earn XP points, submit work to be graded, participate in community discussions, and use tools to visually track their progress through course material. CG Cookie also features a real-time chat, notifications, user mentions, profiles, and support for both Braintree and Stripe.


A multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace platform that enables creators to sell products for Blender. This platform also started on WordPress, then I rebuilt from scratch using Ruby on Rails. Blender Market is an eCommerce site through and through, and a lot of the underlying tech was a serious challenge to put together, especially the bits that calculate commissions and fees. The Blender Market is now managed by a new developer that we brought on, but the majority of the code base that I authored is still in use (for better or worse).

My Work

I specialize in building complex interactive web applications that are heavy on user interaction. From image galleries to forums I have extensive experience in building features designed to foster community engagement.

What I Can Do

Over the last 15 years I have bootstrapped and sold businesses, served as lead engineer, designer, project manager, author, and mentor. I have experience with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Elasticsearch, Boostrap 5, API's, and drag-and-drop interfaces. I have single handedly migrated millions of records from MySQL to PostgreSQL (from the middle of the desert off-grid). My skill set runs deep so there's a good chance that I've already encountered whatever problem you might be facing. Save time and money and hire someone with extensive hands-on experience.


Got a pesky database query that's taking too long to finish but can't nail down where it's at? Maybe a page is taking too long to load and you don't know why. I can fix that.

Code Reviews

After spending 7 years dedicated to building with Ruby on Rails, I got really good at writing semantic, readable, testable code. I can review and consult on pull requests.

New Features

Maybe you're a small team that can't afford a full time hire but need some one-off features built. Just name it, and I can build it. And fast to, we're talking days to weeks. Not months.

Full Apps

From recurring subscription and digital purchase systems, to custom learning management and advanced e-commerce shopping cart functionality, I can build your vision.


Not sure how to approach architecting your next big idea? Or maybe you're just stuck on where to start in order to execute your plan. I've been there! I can help you.

Anything Else

Don't see something listed? Just reach out and let's talk about your next project.

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More About Me

It's hard to understand someones personality on the web, so here's a little bit more about me. In a nutshell, I tend to want to be the best at whatever it is I do. There's a level of OCD when it comes to my work that I take great pride in, but it only happens with the support of my family.

We currently live in Colorado Springs, CO. We've bounced from FL, to TX, to NC, but after traveling on the road for the last three years Colorado Springs has our hearts. Family is important to me. We do everything together. We eat together, we camp together, and we film our offroad adventures together. The bond that our family has is incredibly special and I don't honestly know where I would be without them.

All this to say, that I'm a real person over here, trying to provide for my family the best way I can.

Email or call me (281-899-9251) about your project and let's see if it's a good fit.